We help to preserve the legacy of musical instruments that changed the world of music production.
Deftaudio specializes in manufacturing Luma-1 Drum Machine, own MIDI products offered as kits or assembled, and the restoration of early music computers such as a legendary Fairlight CMI.
Luma-1 is a no-compromise re-implementation of Roger Linn’s LM-1 Drum Computer, also adding USB, MIDI, and downloadable sample features to the classic LM-1 user experience.
The own family of Deftaudio unique products for MIDI, Eurorack, DIY community available as kits or assembled units. Offer custom designs to your specifications as well.
Vintage Music Computing
Special custom build systems for music production. We restore, refurbish and fix Fairlight Series I/II/IIx/III in any condition and also offer the upgrade paths to insure these systems running in future.
The history of Deftaudio started in 2008 and like for many small companies was based in a garage with a big idea in mind. The product range became diverse right away starting from MIDI controllers (including Laser Harp, Multi-touch surface) to unique acoustic instruments (DreamBall - an own version on tongue drum). The original site is still operational to show the history of this journey: www.deftaudio.ru

Deftaudio changed several countries together with its owner Andrei Kudryavtsev. Started in Russia, moved to Germany and since 2014 is operating in the US.
These days Deftaudio has several specific objectives in mind. This includes manufacturing of new instruments such as the very popular Luma-1 drum machine, various MIDI kits and utility modules, and restoration of vintage music computing machines, including servicing Fairlight customers across the world.
Andrei Kudryavtsev
With an extensive history in the music industry, Andrei has cultivated a profound connection, specializing in the restoration of rare musical instruments like the iconic Fairlight CMI. Additionally, he has carved his niche by developing MIDI utility kits for Eurorack enthusiasts through his Deftaudio brand. A vital member of the Luma-1 team, Andrei contributes to the reimagining of the renowned Linn LM-1 drum computer - a project that has recently captured the spotlight in the industry. Luma-1 is an authentic recreation of the iconic LM-1, originally designed by Roger Linn in 1979 and now brought back by the team led by Joe Britt. Fully recreating the original design of the LM-1, it utilizes the same audio path with the original vintage DACs and filters, runs the original LM-1 software, and adds a secondary modern processor for adding highly desirable features like loadable sounds, USB connectivity, MIDI and more.
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