Eurorack MIDI TRS-DIN5 3x3 adapter

When dealing with modern MIDI hardware, very often you have to interface with TRS MIDI cables. Some vendors do include DIN5-TRS adapters with a purchase of hardware, while others don't. Also, you have to remember proper specification TRS-A or TRS-B and keep the corresponding adapter. This passive Eurorack unit solves this problem. It's 3x3 passive adapter. You can use it to interface between DIN5 and TRS in any direction. You don't need to deal with different adapters for TRS A or B. This board is capable to set a MIDI specification per port for TRS-A or TRS-B by moving jumper settings. This provides the flexibility to interface it with all vendors no matter of the specification used.

Board size and an enclosure choice: Eurorack size: 6HP, PCB Size: 10.9x2.7cm

Purchasing Options:
  • PCB only - includes the main PCB and the front panel. BOM list and all design specifications are available on Github.
  • Complete kit - includes PCBs and all required components.
  • Assembled unit

Design notes:
  • Beginner soldering skills required. That means you have to understand schematics, not just being able to solder two wires together. There are no high expectations, but being able to read schematics and understand polarity of components are quite important.
  • Refer to silkscreen instructions for jumper positions for TRS-A or TRS-B specifications
  • Use only TRS 3.5mm cables. Do not use mono eurorack cables.
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