MIDI TRS-DIN5 Adapter with TRS-A and TRS-B support

When dealing with modern MIDI hardware, very often you have to interface with TRS MIDI cables. Some vendors do include DIN5-TRS adapters with a purchase of hardware, while others don't. Also, you have to remember proper specification TRS-A or TRS-B and keep the corresponding adapter. This small passive adapter is designed to solve this problem. It's handy, it can be easily cased with two acrylic panels and standoffs, as well as it could be mounted inside the enclosure. I'm using special DIN sockets which include mount holes and come with corresponding screws. You can also mount it from the TRS part, as the socket comes with a nut.

You don't need to deal with different adapters for TRS A or B. This board can switch specifications by a jumper.

You can purchase a board alone, or a complete kit. It comes with DIN5, TRS sockets, jumpers.

Board size and an specifications: Size: 36x37mm = 1.4"x1.45"

Please, consider Deftaudio page at Github for additional information.
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