Eurorack PC Compute mount 4HP faceplate with power

Deftaudio Compute is a 4HP module that allows mounting a small PC inside Eurorack. Such could be Intel Compute stick, Amazon stick or other Android based devices. The module provides 5V power to the device by built in power converter (also available separately).

This module allows to install miniPC inside Eurorack 4HP module. The depth is based on the installed module and is about 5.5" (for Intel Compute Stick). It includes a power adapter board that provides 5V power to the device.

The board is designed to be flexible for different type of internal power configurations. It has one Type A female port out and one 16 pin Eurorack power input. The source power rail is selected with a jumper (or a switch could be soldered instead). If 5V selected then only filtering caps (10uf and 0.1uf) and LED are used. If 12V then it's routed to DC-DC converter first. The pinout for DC-DC converter supports multiple standards, suitable for linear and BUCK converters.

You may decide to solder USB power cable straight to the connector as it can be lack of space for USB Type A male plug.

MiniPC (such as Compute Stick) is attached to HDMI female-female adapter that holds it in place. Additional USB extension cable can be mounted on the faceplate.

Purchasing options:
  • PCB only: Only a faceplate and PCB adapter boards are included, other parts, such as HDMI connector, capacitors, DC-DC, diode and LED are not included.
  • DIY Kit: All required parts are coming with the kit. Includes high quality DC-DC converter (rated to 3A), HDMI female-female plug, On-Off-On panel switch and passive components. Also comes with 16-pin eurorack ribbon cable.

Following parts are NOT included:
  • Obviously Compute module itself is not included.
  • USB cable (micro USB or USB-C) is not included as it's based on the module you're planning to use.
  • USB extension cable with mounting socket. These are off the shelf 1ft extension cables, such as from Amazon.

Assembly instructions:
The board is self explanatory but Github link includes schematics, board layout and photos to help if there are any problems.

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