9V Power Converter Adapter for guitar pedals, MIDI devices

Allows splitting, converting input and output polarities per channel, has built-in 9V linear voltage regulator, noise filter and digital voltmeter.

  • This adapter board has a million uses when you need:
  • Split one power supply between several guitar pedals or other utility modules, such as MIDI, which may have different input voltage and polarity
  • Provide stable 9V output with onboard linear power regulator (0.5A typical) and filtering circuit.
  • Monitor input or output voltage with onboard digital voltmeter

Primary features:
  • The adapter accepts one 2.5 x 5.5mm input barrel plug, as well as 2.1 x 5.5mm connected in parallel. It can be used for cascading or a simple pass through.
  • Four outputs are 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel type, similar to what you can find in guitar pedals. Connecting cables are common and easy to source.
  • Every input and output can switch polarity independently.
  • 9V linear voltage regulator can be bypassed.
  • LED voltmeter can be disabled.
  • 12V input power supply is recommended

Purchasing options:
  • PCB only: Only PCB board is included, other parts, such as connectors, capacitors and LED voltmeter are sourced by a buyer.
  • DIY Kit: Comes with everything that's needed to build the board. Doesn't include input PSU or connecting cables.
  • Assembled unit: includes all required components, no external cables.

Assembly instructions:
The board is self explanatory but Github link includes schematics, board layout and photos to help if there are any problems. Here are several notes though:
  • Beginner soldering skills required. There are no high expectations, but being able to read schematics and understand polarity of components are quite important.
  • Cut 80 pin male header in 2 x 6 and 2 x 12 pieces to solder for J7 and J8.
  • Mount Voltmeter on stands and connect 3 wires parallel to the board.
  • Follow polarity orientation for LEDs. Square pad on PCB is for the negative pin.
  • Set jumpers appropriate to the polarity, always power off before moving jumpers.
  • JP1 bypasses 9V power regulator if desired
  • JP2 enables a voltmeter

Github file repository with schematics.

Please, consider Deftaudio page at Github for additional information.
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