Teensy 3.2 MIDI Breakout board, 3in / 3out, USB

The board provides 3 input / 3 output functionality. This can be your 3x3 MIDI interface, merger, splitter, filter or whatever else you can imagine. This obviously requires programming Arduino framework with Teensy extensions. Power is supplied from Teensy, so no external power required.

All Teensy pins are available on extra pin headers. This allows easy expansion if you're planning to add extra LEDs, buttons, OLED display, etc... You can do that without soldering.

Package options:

- PCB alone: Default

- Complete Electronics kit: Includes PCB and all electronic (but Teensy3.2) - Din5 connectors, optocouplers, headers, resistors, diodes, USB socket. Check BOM list by the link.

- Fully Assembled unit: doesn't include Teensy microcontroller.

Teensy microcontroller is not included with any purchase, you can buy it directly from the manufacturer: https://www.pjrc.com/store/

Board size and an enclosure choice: Size: 83mmx79mm

Some of you wondered ideas for enclosure selection. We found it much easier to put them in between two acrylic panels cut to the size and connect them with plastic standoffs. We typically use M3 standoff 20mm and 5mm. 20mm goes on top, and has enough room to cover DIN5 sockets, while 5mm goes on the bottom. You can make your own. There is CorelDraw file on Github with precise board dimension and holes location.

Please, consider Deftaudio page at Github for sample firmware. And please, watch a video.
All the best, feel free to ask any questions.
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