Fairlight USB2CMI - Display version

This is the last batch of USB2CMI units produced, it's affected by a chip shortage and we don't expect the situation to improve any time until late 2024. It's unlikely we'll produce more units in a short term.

Fully assembled and tested.

This particular unit is a display version. This means, it has own display which replicates music keyboard display. There is no other difference between non-display and display versions.

Check other items in the store for non-display version.

To avoid a misleading on the usage modes for Series I/II/IIx and Series III, here is some basic info.
  • Series I/II mode allows USB keyboard to be used to simulate alpha numeric keyboard. Allows MIDI input and emulates music keyboard commands (within limitations or original music keyboard for velocity levels). NO LIGHT PEN emulation - this is not feasible for this type of the interface.
  • Series III mode allows USB keyboard and mouse. Have to use a keyboard with built in USB hub and port for a mouse (similar to Apple keyboards) or a separate USB hub. MIDI input is not used in that mode as it makes no sense.
  • Display version replicates what you see on the music keyboard.
  • Original alpha numeric, PREH or MFX keyboard can be used altogether and merged with an USB keyboard and mouse input.

More info check at Joe's repository:

You'll receive:
1. USB2CMI box fully assembled and tested
2. 9 pin cable to CMI.

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